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Distilled from a traditional rye mash bill consisting of 51% rye, 45% corn, 4% barley.

A high percentage of corn adds a nice rich sweetness that balances out the flavor notes of Rye’s big black pepper and cinnamon spice. Creating a flavor profile that starts off creamy, rich with fruit and candy flavor notes that has a big, bold, complex spicy finish that lingers for an eternity.

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Distilled from a mash bill of 51% Rye and 49% Malted Barley. Big, bold, and unapologetically intense! The Malted Barley really shines through upfront, starting the flavor journey off sweet and creamy with flavor notes of caramel, cereal and what can only be describes as..well..malt. The Rye kicks off the finish with tons of cinnamon spice, big black pepper, combined with smoky flavor notes courtesy of the Malted Barley. Being cask strength only adds to the beautiful intensity of the finish.

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We selected barrels of the sweet, delicate 51% rye, 45% corn, and 4% barley traditional straight rye and blended it with barrels of the big and bold 51% rye, 49% malted barley straight rye. The end result is an upfront flavor profile that's beautifully sweet and rich with a luxurious mouthfeel. The finish has just enough cinnamon and rye spice to get your tongue tingling while the flavors from the malted barley, such as smoke and malt are still present, but softer and more subtle. 

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